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Landfill in Prince George will produce 90,000 GJ/year of RNG.

By Dale Lunan

BC gaseous fuels utility FortisBC said June 1 it had joined with the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George in the first renewable natural gas (RNG) project in the north of the province.

About 90,000 GJ/year of RNG will be produced by capturing and treating landfill gas generated at the Foothills Boulevard regional landfill in Prince George. The RNG will be blended in to the FortisBC gas stream.

“Governments and industry need to work together with our customers to advance a lower carbon future, and partnerships like this one are exactly how we’re going to get there,” said Joe Mazza, vice president, energy supply and resource development at FortisBC. “Northern BC has a rich history developing gas resources, and we’re excited to embark on a new chapter of gas production with a region that has always been a leader in providing energy for British Columbians.”

The district has been capturing and flaring landfill gas since 2002, regularly updating and expanding the system to improve collection efficiency, district board chair Art Kaehn said. “With this partnership and the ongoing active management of the system, we are providing a renewable energy source that is environmentally responsible and readily available.”

The partnership with Fraser-Fort George is the latest step by FortisBC to exponentially grow the volume of RNG it delivers to customers. This year, it hopes to triple its RNG supply to some 3.9mn GJ, and by 2025 to have 16mn GJ in its system and contracts in place for another 8mn GJ.