Chart tanks to be incorporated into latest model of Irizar coach fueled by LNG. [Image: Irizar]

By Dale Lunan

Chart Industries said May 25 it was continuing its collaboration Sweden’s Scania and Spanish coachbuilder Irizar on the development of the LNG-fueled version of Irizar’s i8 coach, set for commercial introduction later this year.

Irizar deployed its first LNG-fueled coach, the i4, in 2021, using a Scandia chassis and incorporating Chart designed and built cryogenic fuel tanks. The same configuration was then incorporated into the larger i6 coach, designed for medium and longer distance routes.

Each of the LNG fueled coaches emit 25% less CO2 and 85% less NOx than their diesel counterparts, and harmful particulates are virtually eliminated from vehicle exhaust streams. 

Driving range exceeds 1,000 km, at least the equivalent of diesel models and more than twice the range offered on coaches fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG). The LNG fuel systems are also lighter and take up less space than an equivalent CNG system.

Chart and Scania have been collaborating on LNG fuel tanks for over the road trucking and buses for many years and Chart tanks feature on multiple Scania built vehicles.