California RNG supplier is continuing to transition from conventional CNG. [Image credit: Clean Energy Fuels]

By Dale Lunan

California-based Clean Energy Fuels said December 7 it had begun providing renewable natural gas (RNG) to the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority (CCRRA) in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

An estimated 500,000 gallons/year of RNG will be provided to CCRRA and other fleets from a station originally built by Clean Energy Fuels to provide conventional natural gas as a fleet fuel. Switching the station to RNG will reduce carbon emissions by about 3,696 metric tons/year.

“The recycling and refuse industry has long embraced natural gas to mitigate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions,” said Chad Lindholm, Clean Energy’s senior vice president. “Our CCRRA station is one of the first on the east coast to transition to RNG and will further our sustainability goal of providing RNG at all of our stations by 2025.”

CCRRA will also provide RNG as a fuel to the local WM affiliate, which has acquired eight new CNG tractor-trailer units hauling more than 4,300 loads of waste annually. WM intends to convert its entire fleet to RNG from diesel.