Louisiana hub could eventually sequester 10mn mt/yr of carbon.

By Dale Lunan

Direct air capture (DAC) technology developer Climeworks and Gulf Coast Sequestration (GCS), which is planning the largest carbon sequestration hub in North America, said November 21 they had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop 1mn metric tons/year of CO2 removal capabilities for the hub.

DAC capacity at the hub, GCS said, could eventually be scaled up to capture multi-million mt/yr of CO2.

Initially focused on the industrial corridor between southwest Louisiana and Texas, the GCS hub expects to be the first operational carbon capture and storage (CCS) hub on the US Gulf Coast, ultimately removing 10mn mt/yr of CO2from the atmosphere. It is targeting a launch date in 2024.

“CCS is a key component of today’s energy transition, offering an immediate pathway to rapid decarbonisation,” said Gray Stream, president of the Stream Companies, the owner of GCS. “DAC presents the inspiring possibility of reaching net-zero or even negative carbon emissions.”