EPOD system eliminated 3,600 tonnes of emissions at two well sites. [Image credit: Convrg Innovations]

By Dale Lunan

Convrg Innovations, formerly known as Westgen Technologies, has successfully demonstrated and validated its engineered power on demand (EPOD) system through the NGIF Accelerator and its Emissions Testing Centre (ETC), NGIF said January 18.

The EPOD system was tested at two Tourmaline Oil well sites over a period of 12 months and eliminated more than 3,600 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions.

EPOD uses solar energy and backup batteries to power air compressors, which are then used to power pneumatic devices that traditionally rely on compressed natural gas. These devices, including liquid level controllers and pressure controllers, were tested at the Tourmaline sites for their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and unprocessed fuel gas in real-world situations.

“The successful validation of our EPOD technology through the NGIF Emissions Testing Centre program is a testament to our commitment to greenhouse gas reduction in the oil and gas industry,” Convrg CEO Connor O’Shea said. “This field testing, conducted in collaboration with Tourmaline, showcases EPOD's practical contributions to emissions reduction.”