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Daigas and HRC want to transfer the South Korean success of the Hy-Green onsite hydrogen production unit into international markets.

By Joseph Murphy

Osaka Gas subsidiary Daigas Gas and Power Solution Co. said August 2 it had entered agreement with a Hyundai Motor affiliate to market its on-site hydrogen generators outside of South Korea.

The first model of Daigas's Hyserve product debuted in the South Korean market almost twenty years ago. An updated variant known as the Hyserve-3000 now offers a 300 Nm3 hourly hydrogen production capacity, and is mainly sold to hydrogen fuelling stations.

Utilising the same underlying tech as Hyserve-300, Daigas then struck a partnership with Hyundai affiliate Hyundai Rotem Company (HRC) to produce generators under the Hy-Green brand, The idea was to meet increased South Korean demand for hydrogen fuelling.

Hy-Green's South Korean roll out has been deemed a success and HRC now wants to market the same product internationally.  Daigas is presenting this as a chance to grab a stake in the expanding global market for hydrogen supply infrastructure, especially through bringing about distributed refuelling of hydrogen for foreign transport fleets.

HRC says it already has production lines spare to fabricate the generators. It is targeting international customers looking to feed hydrogen as fuel into various vehicles, including trucks, ships and even drones. HRC will also take installations in power plants and biogas facilities, allowing the latter to easily make clean hydrogen.