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RNG will come from 100,000 mt/yr digester facility in Ontario.

By Dale Lunan

Canadian biogas producer StormFisher and building systems provider Modern Niagara said May 9 they would partner to utilise renewable natural gas (RNG) in building infrastructure across Canada.

The partnership provides for Modern Niagara to acquire RNG from StormFisher’s anaerobic digestion facility in Ontario, which processes 100,000 mt/yr of organic waste into RNG and fertiliser, and deliver it into location gas distribution utilities, where it will be available to Modern Niagara’s clients.

“We are looking forward to working with StormFisher to enhance our sustainable service offerings,” Modern Niagara COO Chris Hill said. “This partnership will allow us to offer an effective greenhouse gas reduction solution to our clients, helping them reach their sustainability goals and in turn reduce the negative impact that buildings have on the environment.”

RNG will also form a key component of Modern Niagara’s own decarbonisation efforts as it pursues a goal to become net zero by 2030. This year, it is committed to reducing its own carbon footprint from the consumption of energy in its Ontario buildings by 30%.