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The certification covers the majority of production by the largest producer in the US

By Maureen McCall

Pennsylvania-based EQT said January 14 it had received certification from both Equitable Origin and MiQ for the majority of its corporate production, which accounts for about 4.5% of all natural gas produced in the US.

Equitable Origin’s E0100™ standard focuses on a broad range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics, while the MiQ standard measures methane intensities associated with a company’s natural gas value chain. The first block of certified gas is now available for trading on MiQ’s digital registry.

“These independent, objective third-party certifications validate that our natural gas is produced with high environmental, social and governance standards and help position US natural gas to lead the largest green initiative in the world, which is replacing foreign coal,” EQT CEO Toby Rice said. “These results not only enable us to unlock growing domestic and international markets that are valuing a differentiated commodity, they also serve as an important validation of the environmental attributes of Appalachian natural gas.”

EQT’s performance was assessed at about 200 well pads in Pennsylvania, which collectively produce about 4bn ft3/day of natural gas. In Q3 2021, its total natural gas sales averaged about 5.4bn ft3/day, the vast majority of which came from the Marcellus shale gas basin.