Two hydrogen and two carbon hubs added to request for expressions of interest [image credit: Fluxys]

By Dale Lunan

Belgian gas infrastructure group Fluxys said January 18 it was adding four more hubs to its plan to build Belgium’s hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure backbone.

Two hydrogen hubs, in Mons and Liege, have been added to its request for expressions of interest, along with two CO2 infrastructure hubs, in Ghent and Antwerp.

“Today the market has a complete overview of the open access decarbonisation infrastructure we propose in all main industrial clusters in Belgium,” said Steven Van Caekenberghe, the head of Fluxys’ H2 and CO2 programme. “The way is now fully open to jointly make the move towards carbon-neutrality.”

Fluxys initiated a joint commercial process in early 2021 to facilitate the development of hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure in Belgium. Potential users of the hydrogen and CO2 networks were invited to participate in market consultation to inform how the market might develop geographically and over time.

In December 2021, it identified the first four locations for hub development: Ghent and Antwerp for hydrogen infrastructure proposals and Mons/Charleroi and Liege for CO2 proposals.

“The proposals launched today and in December last year mark a next step towards building new pipelines and repurposing existing infrastructure in line with market needs, allowing Fluxys to transport efficiently both hydrogen and CO2 by mid-2026,” it said.