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New meter technology improves safety, operational performance in natural gas delivery

By Maureen McCall



Itron Inc, a provider of gas infrastructure solutions in more than 100 countries has received approval for its Intelis smart meter from Measurement Canada on January 20.

The Intelis smart meter connects to a smart network of connected devices (IoT) allowing utilities to better control delivery and leverage detailed data collected from the edge of the network. It improves the gas distribution network from a one-way gas delivery mechanism to an interactive energy network that can deliver gas more safely and efficiently.

“Open fuel lines caused from natural disasters, human error or malicious intent pose a threat to utility infrastructure. To prepare for the unexpected, utilities and cities can benefit from the enhanced gas safety measures found in Itron’s Intelis gas meter,” said John Marcolini, senior vice president of networked solutions 

Alarms can be brought back to the utility through network or mobile meter reading, independent of reading topology and the smart meter can shut itself off without utility intervention.

“With Measurement Canada approval, utilities can now deploy and rely upon the Intelis gas meter to automatically shut off within seconds of incident detection, regardless of utility involvement or network connectivity. Additionally, utilities operating under a network have the added benefit of being able to remotely shut off the valve in the event of an emergency.”