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Kairos Aerospace eliminated more than 29bn ft3 of methane release during scans in North America, South America and Europe last year.

By Joseph Murphy

Aerial methane monitoring and analytics specialist Kairos Aerospace announced on August 8 its support for the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI)'s Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions pledge.

OGCI, which includes 12 of the world's largest oil and gas companies, launched the pledge in March this year, targeting a reduction in industry methane emissions to nearly zero by the end of the decade. Kairos said it endorsed the pledge, which would complement its own efforts to help operators curb emissions, and it encouraged other signatories to join.

Working with operators in North America, South America and Europe, Kairos used its proprietary LeakSurveyor technology to scan for methane emissions across more than 369,000 wells and over 255,000 km of pipeline last year, eliminating more than 29bn ft3 of release.

Kairos has been part of the OGCI Climate Investments portfolio since 2018.

“As a long-standing partner of OGCI, we are honoured to join this alliance, as we play a critical role in the reduction of methane emissions across the globe," Kairos' chief strategy officer Steve Deiker said in a statement. "The commitment of member companies further supports the work we already do with many of them every day, partnering to eliminate emissions and demonstrate companies’ progress towards sustainability targets."