The contract has been awarded by EET Hydrogen for a new blue hydrogen facility at HyNet in the UK.

By Shardul Sharma

KBR, a New York-listed engineering and construction company, has been awarded a contract by EET Hydrogen to provide technology licensing, engineering design, equipment, and catalyst for a new blue hydrogen facility at HyNet in the UK, it said on September 26.

The facility, which will be located at the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex, will have a capacity of up to 1,000 MW, making it the largest blue hydrogen project in the UK, KBR said.

Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology to capture and store the carbon dioxide emissions.

“We are excited to support EET Hydrogen on this significant decarbonisation project. KBR will apply its proprietary hydrogen knowledge and technology to help deliver the largest blue hydrogen energy transition project in the UK,” said Jay Ibrahim, president, KBR Sustainable Technology Solutions.

The HyNet project is an initiative to decarbonise the North West of England and North Wales. It includes the construction of a hydrogen production and supply network, as well as a CCS network to transport and store the captured carbon dioxide.