The consortium plans to export green ammonia from Queensland to Korea.

By Shardul Sharma

Three Korean companies have formed a consortium in Queensland to build a green energy export corridor, the Queensland state government said on September 21.

A memorandum of understanding was signed to officially launch the Han-Ho Hydrogen Consortium which would develop a supply chain to export more than 1mn metric tons/year of green ammonia from Australia to Korea by 2032.

The consortium consists of Australian-based Ark Energy and its parent company Korea Zinc, as well as Hanwha Impact and SK Gas.

At the heart of the consortium’s plans will be the development of Ark Energy’s Collinsville Green Energy Hub southwest of Bowen which will have the potential to generate up to 3 GW.

In January 2021, Korea Zinc launched its subsidiary Ark Energy in Queensland, to accelerate its energy transition, beginning with Sun Metals zinc refinery in Townsville.

Based at the refinery, Ark Energy’s SunHQ Hydrogen Hub (SunHQ) will produce green hydrogen from a behind-the-meter connection to the co-located 124MWac Sun Metals solar farm.

Phase one of SunHQ is supported by a A$5mn ($3.3mn) Queensland government funding commitment, through the first round of the Hydrogen Industry Development Fund.