Enestas aims to expand LNG supply and bunkering infrastructure in Mexico and in the US. [image credit: Enestas]

By Joseph Murphy

Enestas, Mexico's largest LNG distributor, has joined the SEA-LNG association of the LNG bunkering industry, SEA-LNG said on March 16.


"We are pleased to be able to support Enestas in its goal of safely and efficiently expanding LNG supply and bunkering infrastructure in Mexico and the USA, creating jobs and economic benefits in a key maritime region," SEA-LNG COO Steve Esau said in a statement. 

"SEA-LNG’s high-quality research and networking opportunities will be invaluable to the Énestas team as we continue to enhance gas and fuel accessibility," Miguel Gonzalez de Cossio Vigil, commercial director for Enestas Mexico, added.

“SEA-LNG continues to unite organisations from across the LNG value chain to further improve LNG availability worldwide, and to help the global shipping industry to address local emissions and progress down the LNG pathway to climate neutrality," the association's chairman Peter Keller concluded.