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NGVAmerica makes a plea for a green transportation strategy using biogas in rural areas

By Maureen McCall

NGVAmerica (NGVA) called January 17 for a better green transportation strategy in response to the US House of Representatives Agriculture Committee’s recent hearing on Electric Vehicle Investments for Agriculture and Rural America.

Referencing the unique problems of rural areas, NGVA said the basic components of renewable natural gas (RNG) or biogas are easily available and abundant in rural areas making RNG affordable, flexible and available in commercial quantities.

“Its production provides new revenue streams for family farms,” the group said. “Its employed use offers an affordable, fully sustainable and storable, carbon-negative motor fuel to fuel vehicles, including ranch and farm equipment. Its promoted capture ensures rural America can be part of the climate change solution.

Calling RNG “waste reimagined”, NGVA called for Congress to support rural America’s participation in the path to decarbonisation by fully embracing RNG use in transportation.