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Scope 2 emissions increased slightly in the same year, while Scope 3 emissions fell.

By Joseph Murphy

Austro-Romanian group OMV Petrom cut its direct, Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions by 5.4% in 2021 to 4.04mn metric tons of CO2 equivalent, the company reported in a sustainability report published on June 30.

The company, part-owned by OMV, includes CO2, methane and nitrous oxide emissions at all operated assets and those in which it has more than a 50% shareholding in its estimate. Around 72% of these emissions come from assets that are subject to the EU's emissions trading system and are therefore verified externally by an accredited company.

OMV Petrom's Scope 2 emissions relating to electricity and heat that it purchases increased slightly last year to 0.0939mn mt, from 0.936mn mt in 2020. The company said it was exploring ways of reducing these emissions, in part by tapping more energy from renewable sources.

The company's indirect Scope 3 emissions fell to 23.33mn mt last year from 24.74mn mt in 2020.

"OMV Petrom will continue the implementation of projects aiming at phasing out routine flaring and venting, as well as fugitive methane emissions," the company said.