The production capacity of the proposed plant is estimated to be 120 GWh.

By Shardul Sharma

Scandinavian Biogas plans to build a liquefied LNG (bio-LNG) plant in Monsteras, Sweden, the company said on January 24.

The facility will be built in collaboration with local farmers and will produce bio-LNG with manure as feedstock. The production capacity is estimated to be 120 GWh, and the production is planned to start in Q4 2024.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Leap Initiative granted the project 154mn Swedish kroner in economic support in 2021.

The liquefied biogas will mainly be sold as fuel to the transport sector while the refined biofertilizer will mainly be used in the local agricultural production in order to maintain a sustainable cycle.

The biogas project in Monsteras was initiated by local farmers in 2016, and Scandinavian Biogas got involved two years ago. The parties formed a jointly owned company with the responsibility to design, build, and manage the planned biogas plant.

Scandinavian Biogas owns an estimated 86% of the production company Scandinavian Biogas Monsteras, while the remaining 17% is owned by the local farmers through their company.

The biogas plant will be delivered by the Portuguese company Efacec in consortium with Sweden's Multibygg. The facility for gas upgrade and liquefaction will be delivered by Wartsila.