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Seneca's Appalachian production is now certified under both MiQ and EO100 standards.

By Dale Lunan

Seneca Resources, the exploration and production arm of National Fuel Gas Company, said August 16 it had added ‘A’ grade certification from MiQ to its 1bn ft3/day of natural gas production.

Late last year, Seneca received certification under Equitable Origin’s EO100™ protocol for the same Appalachian production.

“Seneca’s MiQ certification, in addition to its Equitable Origin certification attained in December 2021, is a testament to the strong emissions management we have deployed across all of our natural gas operations,” president Justin Loweth said. “Seneca continues to evaluate and pilot methane emissions monitoring technologies in order to continually improve our detection and measurement practices and remain on the leading edge of the industry’s sustainability initiatives.” 

Seneca-produced gas certificates are currently available on the MiQ Digital Registry, which is where MiQ and joint MiQ-EO100™ certificates are held throughout their full life cycle, from issuance through retirement. Certificates can be traded bundled (combined with natural gas delivery) or unbundled.