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A facility on Jurong Island is under consideration for a duo of gas companies.

By Gas Pathways

Two companies in Singapore said November 30 they would examine the feasibility of building a carbon dioxide liquefaction and storage facility southwest of the main island.

Singapore LNG Corp (SLNG) and Linde Gas Singapore signed a memorandum of understanding to develop the facility near SLNG’s terminal on Jurong Island.

The partners envision liquefying CO2 and storing it in onsite tanks before sending it on for further uses.

“If feasible, this could be the first such facility of its kind in Singapore and the region, where existing cold energy from SLNG is utilised to liquefy CO2, thereby directly capturing CO₂ which may otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere,” the partners announced.

Singapore’s government in October awarded S$55mn (US$40.86mn) to support 12 research, development and demonstration projects on low-carbon energy technology solutions. The funding will help improve the technical and economic feasibility of using hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) to decarbonise Singapore’s power and industry sectors, the government said.