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Operators in Texas's Midland region of the Permian can access CNG for their support vehicles from August 31. [Image: Clean Energy]

By Callum Cyrus

Sunbridge Energy Services, a low-emission fuel delivery services company targeting Permian Basin supply chains, is launching a new compressed natural gas station to fuel Permian operator vehicles that would ordinarily require diesel.

The 50mn ft3/d compression plant will launch on August 31 in Texas' Midland region, supporting producers seeking cleaner-burning CNG fuels. Sunbridge Energy also markets services around renewable natural gas and plans to invest in hydrogen supply capacity in the Permian Basin area.

Sunbridge's network of gas compression stations supply Permian upstream support trailers and trucks with CNG, sourced from the area's considerable natural gas reserves. In addition to Midland, the company already has CNG compression branches operating in Houston and Opelika, Alabama. Its team is specialised in installing CNG infrastructure and equipment, deploying "fast, low-energy" methods to help customers easily decompress gas.

California-based Clean Energy will supply the compression and fuelling systems.

The CNG product offering includes purpose-built trailer tanks, designed with efficiency-driven material composites. A new "patented" composite tube trailer for safely transporting 100% CNG, RNG and hydrogen is being developed by Sunbridge in partnership with South Korean-US vendor Hanwha Cimarron.

Hanwha Cimarron plans to make the tubes available in its Galaxy Type IV fuel trailer archetype, equipping 120 of its fleet with Sunbridge's technology over the next 12-15 months, as part of a 10-year partnership deal. 

Michael Hinds, Sundbridge CEO, commented: "Oil and gas producers in the Permian and nationally are quickly switching to dual fuel engines for completion, drilling and midstream operations that can run on clean fuel alternatives, like compressed natural gas, to improve emissions reductions.

“Though there’s an abundance of supply and demand for compressed natural gas, there lacks a virtual pipeline that can transport clean fuels to operators at the highest standards for safety and service. The launch of our new facility in the Midland Basin is our first step to fulfilling our commitment to bridging this gap.”