Svante technology can be deployed in point-source or direct air capture settings.

By Dale Lunan

Canada’s Svante Technologies and Carbon America said May 11 they would collaborate on the commercial deployment of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) projects in the US.

The collaboration leverages Svante’s solid sorbent carbon capture technology and Carbon America’s expertise in CCUS project development.

“Carbon capture is a critical component to the energy transition and Carbon America believes that collaboration is needed amongst players in this space to create meaningful change quickly,” Carbon America CEO Brent Lewis said. “By combining Carbon America’s project development expertise with Svante’s ready-to-deploy technology, we can more rapidly drive down greenhouse gas emissions across the industrial sector.”

Svante’s technology can be used for point-source carbon capture from industrial flue gases in hard to abate sectors such as cement, hydrogen, steel and oil and gas or in direct air capture projects, capturing low concentrations of CO2 from ambient air.