The expansion will make it the largest bio-LNG plant in north Europe. [image credit: Scandinavian Biogas].

By Joseph Murphy

A bio-LNG plant south of Sweden's capital Stockholm is to be expanded into the largest facility of its kind in north Europe, its operator Scandinavian Biogas reported on January 24.

The expansion will raise the capacity of the plant in Glado Kvarn on the Sodertorn peninsula to 220 GWh/year, helping to meet growing demand for bio-LNG as a means of reducing emissions from transport and industry, Scandinavian Biogas said. The company states on its website that the current capacity is 80 GWh.

Scandinavian Biogas will invest 300mn krona ($32mn) in the project, while the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has pledged 135mn krona in support, in light of the project's environmental value.

"Demand for bio-LNG is pointing strongly upwards. Bio-LNG is increasingly used in heavy transport, but we believe that in the future there will also be a market in shipping and industry, and even in the production of fossil-free steel," Scandinavian Biogas CEO Matti Vikkula said.

The expanded plant will handle biogas not only from Glado Kvarn but also Scandinavian Biogas' production plant in Henriksdal. This biogas comes from food waste and other organic products.

Scandinavian Biogas is collaborating on the project with Gasnatet Stockholm regarding gas infrastructure issues, as well as Stockholm Water and Waste in Henriksdal. Equipment for the expansion will be supplied by Air Liquide.