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Hub will have initial capacity to sequester 500mn metric tons of CO2.

By Maureen McCall

Talos Energy said February 15 it had signed a memorandum of understanding with EnLink Midstream to jointly develop a carbon capture and storage (CCS) solution for industrial-scale emitters along the Mississippi River corridor between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana.

The project will utilise significant portions of EnLink's existing regional pipeline infrastructure of approximately 4,000 miles in Louisiana and Talos's recently-acquired River Bend CCS site in east Louisiana, which comprises about 26,000 acres (10,500 ha) of pore space, sufficient to sequester up to 500mn metric tons of CO2. Talos announced the acquisition of the site separately, and will operate it with UK CCS specialist Storegga. 

"We are very happy to join forces with EnLink from New Orleans to Baton Rouge in the Mississippi River corridor to leverage their infrastructure and operational reliability as a midstream solution, initially focused on the River Bend CCS project in east Louisiana,” said Talos CEO Timothy Duncan.

The area covered by the River Bend site is home to several large emitters, who are collectively responsible for about 80mn mt/yr of CO2 emissions.

“EnLink owns the last-mile pipe to most industrial emission sources in the region and will complement Talos's expertise in conventional geology, subsurface characterisation and track record of responsible operations. We are excited to collaborate to provide a one-stop solution that will lead to a simpler pricing model and accelerated decarbonisation in a key industrial emissions region,” Duncan said.

EnLink has existing pipelines that can be repurposed for CO2 transportation from emissions sources in the Geismar, Donaldsonville, Plaquemine and St Charles areas, it said.