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The first of several hubs is expected to be in service by Q2 2023.

By Dale Lunan

North American energy infrastructure company TC Energy said April 25 it would collaborate with renewable natural gas (RNG) value chain developer GreenGasUSA to explore the development of a network of natural gas and RNG transportation hubs across TC Energy’s US pipeline system.

The transportation hubs would provide centralised access to existing energy transportation infrastructure for RNG sources, such as farms, wastewater treatment facilities and landfills.

Under the strategic collaboration, GreenGasUSA would provide the RNG, condition it to pipeline specifications and transport it to the RNG hub, underpinned by firm transportation contracts with TC Energy.

TC Energy will build, own and operate the hubs, developing critical pathways to accelerate the development of methane capture projects and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. There are currently 10 RNG interconnects across TC Energy’s US gas pipeline system, with plans in place to expand this capability before the end of the year.

The hubs are expected to be developed in several states along TC Energy’s 32,700-mile US pipeline system within the next four years, with the first targeted for service beginning in Q2 2023.