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The energy transition and more secure energy supply will not be possible without natural gas, its grid infrastructure, CCS and hydrogen, the company said.

By Joseph Murphy

The energy transition will require natural gas and its grid infrastructure, as well as carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen being brought to bear, Germany's Wintershall Dea said on June 2.

In an appeal to the German government, the company said all available technologies should be made use of to produce low-carbon hydrogen, including steam reforming, electrolysis and pyrolysis. Wintershall Dea plans to produce hydrogen from Norwegian gas and green wind power at the BlueHyNow project in Wilhelmshaven, and it has also researched pyrolysis and invested in a startup in this field, UK-based HiiROC.

"The gas industry has the ideas, the know-how and the will to change and evolve," Wintershall Dea CTO Hugo Dijkgraaf said in a statement. "Without a future-proof gas grid infrastructure, natural gas, CCS, and hydrogen, the energy transition and a more secure energy supply will not be possible."