New Wave Hydrogen studying emissions-free hydrogen production from natural gas. [Image credit: New Wave Hydrogen]

By Dale Lunan

NGIF Accelerator said April 2 it would provide C$872,017 in funding through its Industry Grants programme to New Wave Hydrogen, which is developing a technology to produce hydrogen from natural gas reforming without associated CO2 emissions.

Its process combines methane pyrolysis and wave rotors, which heat gases to temperatures sufficient to decompose hydrocarbons, with shock wave dynamics, which amplifies the temperature of the gas.

The technology directly cracks the methane component of natural gas into hydrogen and carbon black. It has potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation, production and power sectors in Canada.

The process requires no water, generates no CO2, is scalable and is low-cost for both distributed and centralised production. Its ability to be integrated into existing plants and lines will help accelerate low-cost hydrogen production, NGIF says. 

“New Wave Hydrogen’s technology offers near-term, financially feasible low-cost hydrogen production,” NGIF Accelerator CEO John Adams said. “Our Industry Grants programme and its focus on de-risking clean technologies through field trials and pilots are part of NGIF’s integrated model of industry validation, customer creation, and technology commercialisation.” 

New Wave’s current testing programme includes bench-to-field demonstration tests, carbon R&D, and commercialisation roadmap development.