Luminescent is developing less costly, more efficient waste heat recovery from engines and turbines. [Image credit: NGIF]

By Dale Lunan

NGIF Accelerator, through its Industry Grants program, said March 14 it had allocated C$370,000 in grant funding to Luminescent Power which is developing 200kW heat engine technology for waste heat recovery.

A significant portion of energy from gas turbines and engines is lost as waste heat, and for decades, the energy industry has struggled to capture this heat through various technologies which are generally costly and inefficient.

Luminescent, however, is developing isothermal technology, powered by liquid instead of gas, which offers a cost-effective and efficient technology, making it possible to turn waste heat into zero-emission electricity in a broad range of applications.

Luminescent’s 200kW heat engine will be ready for pilot testing by the end of Q2 2024, with full-scale sales set to begin in 2025. The technology is expected to have a significant influence on the Canadian natural gas industry, with the potential to increase gas turbine efficiency by 50–70% while decreasing carbon intensity.

“By offering a high-efficiency, low-cost solution for waste heat recovery, Luminescent will help the natural gas industry reduce its emissions and achieve energy savings,” NGIF Accelerator CEO John Adams said.