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The Rotor Sails will be delivered in early 2023.

By Shardul Sharma

Norway’s Norsepower has signed a deal with China’s Dalian Shipbuilding Industry for delivery of single Rotor Sails onboard two newbuild LNG-powered, wind-assisted CO₂ carriers commissioned by the Northern Lights, it said on August 18.

Northern Lights is developing the transportation and storage component of Norway’s Longship project to decarbonise industrial emissions.

Norsepower estimates the Rotor Sails will reduce the fuel and CO₂ emissions from each vessel by approximately 5%. The two first-of-its-kind carriers have been designed by Northern Lights and are being built by China-based Dalian Shipbuilding.

The Rotor Sails will be delivered in early 2023, and following further building, both the 130m long ships, each with a cargo size of 7,500m³, are expected to be delivered in 2024. After commencing operations, the vessels will fill up captured and liquefied CO₂ from European emitters and carry it to the Northern Lights receiving terminal in Norway’s Oygarden.