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The tender has been awarded for two areas.

By Shardul Sharma

The Queensland government has awarded the tender for greenhouse gas (GHG) storage exploration in the Bowen and Surat basins to Origin Energy, it said on August 11. GHG storage refers to the underground storage of carbon dioxide and is part of the process also referred to as carbon capture and storage.

The tender has been awarded for two areas, QLR2021-1-2 and QLR2021-1-3, under the Call for Tenders for Greenhouse Gas Exploration Permits (QLR2021-1). The government said that preferred tenderers have not been appointed for tender areas QLR2021-1-1 and QLR2021-1-4.

The preferred tenderer must now meet any environmental, native title and other approval requirements before greenhouse gas exploration permits are considered for a grant under the Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2009. 

Following the grant of a GHG exploration permit, the permit-holder will also need to complete land access and potentially other approval requirements before commencing on-ground exploration, the government said.