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The certified gas will power Bloom's fleet of fuel cell installations.

By Dale Lunan

US distributed energy provider Bloom Energy and EQT, the largest natural gas producer in the US, said April 21 they had closed a certificate trade agreement (CTA) covering Bloom’s purchase of certified natural gas from EQT for the next two years.

Bloom will use the certified gas to fuel its nation-wide fleet of more than 700 fuel cell installations, avoiding an estimated 176,000 mt/yr of CO2-equivalent emissions compared to average leak rates.

The certificates purchased by Bloom represent EQT production jointly certified under both the MiQ Methane Standard and Equitable Origin’s EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development.

“As the energy industry works to make renewable and zero-carbon technologies more widely available, we must do everything in our power to reduce the carbon intensity of today’s energy production,” said Stephen Lamm, senior director of sustainability at Bloom Energy. “By transitioning our domestic fleet of fuel cells to certified natural gas, we believe we are taking an immediate and impactful step to help eliminate harmful methane emissions as we lay the foundation for a net-zero future.”

EQT’s certified naural gas production currently comprises 4.5% of all the natural gas produced in the US, making EQT not only the nation’s largest natural gas producer, but also its largest producer of certified natural gas.

“Natural gas offers an immediate path to decarbonise industries in an impactful way,” EQT CEO Toby Rice said. “This agreement validates our belief that certified natural gas is a differentiator for customers seeking affordable, reliable and clean energy sources that are produced with the highest of ESG standards.”