Biogasclean is a Danish supplier of biological methanation and desulphurisation systems.

By Shardul Sharma

London-based renewable gas (RNG) producer Cycleo Group on February 28 announced the acquisition of Biogasclean, a Danish supplier of biological methanation and desulphurisation systems. 

The acquisition of Biogasclean holds significant importance for Cycleo Group as it enables the capture of biogenic CO2 contained in biogas and its conversion into e-methane. This process enhances the efficiency of biomethane sites, resulting in about 70% increase in green gas production while concurrently reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Biogasclean has established itself as a global player in the biological desulphurisation field, with five offices across three continents. With over 350 systems operating or underway in more than 40 countries, Biogasclean's facilities in Sønderborg on Als in Denmark inject 33 GWh of sustainable e-methane into the gas grid annually.

Cycleo operates RNG projects in Europe and Latin America. Ara Partners, a private equity and infrastructure investment firm committed to industrial decarbonisation, provided additional capital to facilitate this transformative acquisition. The financial details were not disclosed.