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The pair have entered into a global licensing agreement for ammonia technologies.

By Joseph Murphy

US engineering group McDermott International reported on August 3 it had entered into a global agreement to licence ammonia technologies from compatriot KBR.

The deal "represents a compelling solution to meet the growing ammonia market which combines KBR's leading technology with McDermott's global execution capabilities and fabrication and modularisation expertise," McDermott said in a statement. The pair will jointly evaluate opportunities to provide modularised execution concepts to unlock additional efficiencies needed for both green and blue ammonia projects.

Many major oil and gas players are investing in ammonia as a carrier for hydrogen energy, as well as a source of carbon-free fertilisers.

The agreement with KBR means McDermott can "offer customers an integrated approach for low-carbon ammonia projects by combining KBR's best-in-class ammonia technology with its global project delivery know-how, low-carbon execution approach and leadership in ammonia storage solutions," the senior vice president for McDermott's onshore business, Tareq Kawash, commented.