Operational by 2028, the plant would produce up to 1.4mn mt/yr of blue ammonia.

By Dale Lunan

Canadian energy infrastructure company Enbridge and Yara Clean Ammonia said March 31 they had signed a letter of intent to develop a world-scale blue ammonia production facility at the Enbridge Ingleside Energy Center (EIEC) near Corpus Christi, Texas.

The facility, which would use autothermal reforming with carbon capture, would produce 1.2-1.4mn metric tons/year of low carbon ammonia, capturing 95% of the carbon generated in the process for sequestration in nearby geologic storage sites. Total cost of the project, which would be shared equally by Enbridge and Yara, would be in the $2.6-$2.9bn range, with start-up in 2027-2028, pending receipt of all regulatory approvals.

Yara, the world’s largest ammonia distributor, is expected to contract for all of the facility’s production. 

Enbridge’s Texas Eastern Transmission Pipeline is expected to provide transportation service for feed gas used in the production process. Along with Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, it is also developing a nearby CO2 sequestration hub, which would be a potential destination for the project’s capture emissions.

“We are excited to partner with Yara and collaborate on this clean energy project, especially given their expertise in global ammonia projects, operations and distribution,” said Colin Gruending, Enbridge executive vice president and president, liquids pipelines. “EIEC is well positioned to become the most sustainable export terminal in North America through low-carbon fuel production, carbon capture and solar self-power.”